>Do you come from a land down under? No, not THAT one.

>As some of you will know, I am a sucker for ‘paying out’ or teasing New Zealanders.

Of course, it’s impossible not to love any country that keeps comedy gumboots in its national museum.
Kiwis are sweet and lovely people and it just wouldn’t do to let them know that fact.
Therefore it is our duty to tease New Zealanders at every opportunity.

Selwyn Nogood, a Kiwi who appreciates a little national mockery, has just published my little piece ‘Heathrow Injection: A Day in the Life of Drake Savage’ on his posterous blog.

Drake was born from frequent contacts with some of the many Kiwis who come to London to teach in our schools and sample the Pommie lifestyle.

He will return…in Drake Savage and the Sheep of Reason.

‘The Sheep of Reason produces monsters’ – Francisco Goya (or Fred Dagg)

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