“Deep, Deep Down” – Carol Borden on Danger: Diabolik

I’m writing this at the end of a successful evening with Auckland Libraries, hosting a panel discussion on censorship and literature with Craig Ranapia, Karen Craig, and Dylan Horrocks.

The event took place at the Method and Manners art space on Auckland’s Upper Queen Street, its interior provocatively dressed for the occasion of a fringe art festival exploring sexuality, power, and performance.

This seemed the right moment to reblog an article by one of my favourite writers, Carol Borden, who edits The Cultural Gutter but also posts her own writing at Monstrous Industry.

In “Deep, Deep Down”, Carol writes about Danger: Diabolik, Mario Bava’s amazing, psychedelic 1968 adventure movie, as the most vaginal action movie that I have ever seen…If we had a lesbian cinema that took Danger: Diabolik as its starting point, I, for one, would be much happier. More car chases, cat burglery, groovy soundtracks and fewer women crushing on their therapists, therapists concerned about the ethics of their crushes on their patients and cuts to waterfalls.”

I love the way Carol politicises and repurposes pop culture here, much as she did in her Superman piece which featured here during our Dark Night season. And the thought of a ladytastic, catburglarish take on adventure cinema also chimes with a short film I worked on in my student days – Fear: Frantik – which flipped the genders on Diabolik-style antiheroes.

Fear Frantik PosterThe movie never got completed but you can read the script for the parody short here…a rare piece of Finch juvenilia:

Fear Frantik Script

For more on Auckland’s fringe festival exploring sexuality and its representation, read my post from earlier this week – or come along to Alleluyah Cafe on Karangahape Road tomorrow night, Wednesday 14 August, from 7pm for more readings and performance!

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