#Citylis student feedback

Last week I talked with students on Ernesto Priego’s library and information science course for City University, known as #citylis on Twitter. You can see more, and read my notes & slides from that talk, in last week’s blog post.

One of the #Citylis students has written their own blog post with very kind words about my guest appearance:

I have to say week 9 for LAPIS was one of my favourites. What’s not to love about a lecture that talks about comics, zombies and Snoopy? Dr Matt Finch has been one of my favourite guest lectures. Not only was he engaging as a speaker but his passion for literacy was actually infectious…

Read more at Thoughts on Library and Publishing In An Information Society.

Although I’ve done a lot of speaking and workshops at this point, it’s always a slightly anxious experience. I think it was the Scottish literacy guru Bill Boyd who said, “I always get nervous, no matter how many times I give a lecture, because it always matters to get it right.”

Ernesto’s students were a joy to chat with and I’m really pleased that the next generation of library students are going into the profession full of passion, play, and the desire to make a difference.

Thanks for having me, #Citylis!

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