Zoe Toft’s New Year’s Resolutions

I don’t think I’ve ever been mentioned in someone’s New Year’s Resolutions before, but the great book blogger Zoe Toft mentioned me in her blog on plans and schemes for 2016, which include running a Fun Palace this coming October.

Playing by the Book banner image - children with books and toys

Zoe writes brilliantly on children’s literature and devises amazing hands-on activities for kids, like this post on activities to tie in with Aina Bestard’s What’s Hidden In The Woods, which also manages to sneak a New Year’s appropriate Johnny Cash song into the mix.

I also love Zoe’s idea of collecting leaves in the woods using sandwich boards; I guess that’s my lifelong love of forest adventures showing.

Go and visit Zoe’s site Playing By The Book for more – and if you live in the Midlands of England, maybe you could team up for a Fun Palace too.

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