Video Coaching & Facilitation


To help organisations, communities, and people working through the coronavirus pandemic, I’m offering remote services, webinars, and videoconferenced sessions to support and coach you in dealing with key organisational issues.

Following previous successful long-distance engagements in Australia and the US, I’m offering clients the opportunity to address issues of strategy, foresight, and internal or external engagement remotely from my office in London.

You will drive the agenda. You’re the best judge of what you need to work on. I’ll help you to create insight and awareness by asking questions, listening carefully, offering provocations, and seeking new perspectives to meet the goals and actions which matter to you.

“Matt facilitated in an extraordinarily deft and sensitive way, pushing people hard to test their assumptions and positions….The extent to which Matt genuinely cares about changing things for the better, and intellectually and genuinely engaged with our topic, rubbed off on everyone.”

– Chris Alexander, Energy Consumers Australia

You will be in a safe space. The sessions are built on a foundation of confidentiality and trust. I may challenge your thinking, or encourage you to reframe a given situation, but always in a respectful and supportive way.

“Matt kept things moving while still being emotionally intelligent enough to notice when people were feeling uncomfortable, respectfully encouraging them to articulate what they were feeling and thinking… Clever listening and guidance and good subtle questioning of assumptions”

– Liz Jack, Libraries Tasmania

We’ll structure the engagement together. Once you gain clarity about exactly what needs to be achieved over the course of an engagement and beyond, I’ll use a mixture of questions, discussions, feedback, and assignments to help you define a route to achieve your desired results. I’ll focus on finding the approach that works best for you – whether that’s helping you to brainstorm ideas, setting exercises to work on between sessions, or providing space for you to reflect on and address a key issue.

To find out more about working together remotely, get in touch via my Contact page.

“The entire collaboration with Dr Finch was successfully undertaken remotely, which made it affordable for SCLQ by avoiding the expense of international travel.For the library’s CEO and leadership team members, who collaborated with Dr Finch, the experience of undertaking the project with him was extremely positive. We found him to be knowledgeable, experienced, organised, and highly professional, while remaining approachable and good tempered throughout the term of his engagement. He was a fast learner and a good teacher, always generous with advice and happy to share his experience. His enthusiasm was infectious, and helped inspire us to first create a compelling vision and then embody it in the plan.Apart from leaving us with a plan to guide our strategic direction over the next five years, he also left us with the tools and the knowledge to undertake similar visioning and planning processes for ourselves in future – so his engagement proved to be a wise investment.”

– David Bratchford, Supreme Court Library Queensland