Download the Code: Fun Palaces Comic Maker

State Library of Queensland’s Online Comic Maker returns for the 2016 Fun Palaces event celebrating the arts and sciences in communities across the world.


I devised the Comic Maker for Fun Palaces 2015; it was designed and built by Talia Yat and Phil Gullberg of the State Library of Queensland, where I’m currently Creative in Residence. (You can read the story of its origins in this Comics Grid interview).

The deceptively simple site encouraged users worldwide to surprise us with non-narrative comics, cheeky horror storiesand even comics in Te Reo Māori.

This year the Comic Maker has been fully integrated into the Fun Palaces homepage, but we’ve also released the code behind the site as a Github repository.

If you’d like to use the Comic Maker code to design and devise your own website – to reimagine, remix, or adapt the State Library’s work into a whole new online offering – visit the Fun Palaces Comic Maker page at Github.


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