Comic Makers at Brisbane Parking Day

Yesterday I took a team of staff from the State Library of Queensland to run a pop-up comic making stand in Brisbane’s West End.

Brisbane Parking Day - Comic Maker Stall

Drawing on previous experiences with comic book dice at Bermondsey Street Festival, we took over a car parking space to let Brisbane locals tell their own sidewalk stories using simple three-dimensional cartoons.

Even if you couldn’t attend, you can still help us out by voting for our stand at the Brisbane Parking Day website. Voting is open this weekend, 17-18 September 2016 (Queensland time zone!).

The event was also a chance to celebrate the relaunch of the Fun Palaces Comic Maker, an online tool designed and built by the State Library in 2015.

This year, you can take the code for the comic maker from Github and use it to create your own comic-making websites.

And that’s not all the fun that’s coming in the next couple of weeks…


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