Here Comes Your Man – Time For Some Smiling Superheroes?

I’ve been thinking a lot about heroes and villains lately – here in Parkes we just ran an event called Big Box Battle where teens made Godzilla-like monsters and kids built heroic cardboard robots to fight them; last month in Sydney I spoke at an event about monsters and villains in children’s literature; and, on a darker note, my Twitter stream just yielded Dean Trippe’s comic Something Terrible, courtesy of Dylan Horrocks. Trippe’s comic shows how fantasy heroes can be a beacon of hope and goodness in even the most terrible of real-life circumstances.

Meeting your heroes - Splash page from Dean Trippe's SOMETHING TERRIBLE
Meeting your heroes – Splash page from Dean Trippe’s SOMETHING TERRIBLE

Given the huge part protagonists play in our own notions of what it means to do the right thing, I find myself exhausted by the long and seemingly unending trend for dour superheroes on our movie screens.

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Here Comes Your Man: Re-Imagining Superman and Batman

Has Matt gone mad? Is he trying to take Zack Snyder’s job, or turn this website into a den of fanfiction?

Nah – at least, not yet. This post contains an outline for a Superman/Batman movie that would fit within the argument I’ve made in “Here Comes Your Man”, my post on superheroes, masculinity, and fun, which you can read on this site.

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