Let’s Make @ Warwickshire Libraries

There’s a new case study out at the website of library designers “Thedesignconcept”, recounting the process for the development of a new interior and makerspace at Rugby Library in Warwickshire, UK.

The Rugby makerspace was part of “Let’s Make“, a county-wide maker offer focussed on two dedicated spaces in the towns of Rugby and Nuneaton.

Once the design & refurbishment of the space was complete, I joined Warwickshire’s “Let’s Make” project leaders Fay Davis and Nick Cave last year for a one-day workshop helping senior stakeholders from the library service to refine the new maker offer.

The session explored future possibilities for the makerspaces, including offsite services and offers, with a strong focus on libraries’ potential to contribute to economic development.

Our collaborative workshop drew on international case studies from libraries worldwide, and local research into opportunities and context on the streets of Warwickshire towns, in schools, businesses, and institutions from hospitals to local chambers of commerce.

It created an opportunity to test new visions for the library makerspace service, and explore offers encompassing art, education, skills development, and entrepreneurship – plus all the other surprising, inspiring, and unpredictable things people do when you let them loose on creative technologies.

Workshop outputs formed part of the briefing materials provided to the Let’s Make coordinator who was then appointed to lead maker offerings for the service.

Warwickshire’s Head of Face-to-Face services Ayub Khan wrote:

“Matt is an excellent facilitator, enthusiastic and committed.

We invited Matt to deliver a workshop for Senior Staff at Warwickshire Libraries to develop our thinking and ideas for our newly created Maker Spaces.

Matt devised and delivered an engaging workshop. Through his help we were able to challenge and expand our thinking and ways of doing things differently.

His experience of international work greatly contributed to our discussions and thinking.”

See more about “Let’s Make” at the Warwickshire Libraries website.

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