Library Island at Ann Arbor Library Camp 2019

Join the team at Ann Arbor Library next month for a special unconference featuring a Library Island session run by the peerless Sherlonya Turner.

Library Camp 2019 will take place on Friday, April 12 at the Ann Arbor District Library.

Logo for Library Camp 2019

This free unconference is aimed at library and information science professionals, paraprofessionals, and students at all levels. The team will challenge participants to discuss and expand their thinking on library practices, trends, and challenges, creating an opportunity to share stories of success and struggle, as well as proposing their own sessions using the unconference format.

Wondrous Strange banner from event in Ann Arbor District Library

Library Island will be on wide release in a CC-licensed format from this summer. In the meantime Ann Arbor, which hosted me for a season of workshops including the 2017 ‘Wondrous Strange’ event, is a great place to get a taste for life on the best little island in Libraryland.

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