Lecture at City University London, Guest Editorial at Public Library News

The TARDIS from Doctor Who lands on a suburban housing estate

My guest editorial for Public Library News, The TARDIS on your streetcorner,” is out this week. Editor Ian Anstice offered me the chance to share my some of my experiences working with community libraries in Australia and New Zealand, and of course I worked a Doctor Who reference in there too.

Next month, I’ll be giving a guest lecture to students at City University, London. I’ll be talking about “Words and Pictures, Space and Play” alongside digital curator James Baker from the British Library and information science lecturer Ernesto Priego, who is also presiding genius at The Comics Grid.

I can only aspire to the level of Kieron Gillen’s amazing talk on the comic book Watchmen, which you can now watch online. Gillen is the writer of fine comics like Phonogram and Journey into Mystery. His Watchmen lecture is incredibly informative, entertaining, and densely packed – although it helps if you’ve read the comic already.

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