Fun Palaces Countdown: Entrepreneurship workshop with Tara Benson

As the 2015 Fun Palaces launch on Saturday 3rd October approaches, Lambeth Libraries are gearing up for their borough-wide, simultaneous 11-venue celebration of arts and sciences.

In the countdown to Lambeth Libraries’ Fun Palaces, I’ll be featuring some of the amazing activities and special guests we’ve got lined up for Londoners this weekend.

Today it’s the turn of entrepreneur Tara Benson, the founder & CEO of Here and Now.

Here and Now helps families find exciting activities in their local area. It was the Sun‘s website of the week in April.

Tara is a commercial marketer and entrepreneur with 26 years of experience in tech, consumer brands, publishing and communications. She has worked with start-ups, rapid-growth and established businesses such as Gumtree, PayPal, Mills & Boon, and Blackwood Distillers. Tara was the opening speaker at NatWest Bank’s 2014 “Marks…Set…Grow” business banking conference.

Tara’s Fun Palaces workshop on entrepreneurship and start-up culture will help people interested in founding, running, or developing their own business. It runs from 3-4pm at Clapham Library on Saturday 3rd October.

You can read an interview with Tara on ‘achieving super-human start-up stuff and bashing down the barriers for women’ at Womanthology, and also watch her 2014 ShedTalk on Youtube.

Find out more about Clapham Library Fun Palaces at the main Fun Palaces website.

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