Marvellous, Electrical and the Black Prince

Sidewalk in the Brisbane suburbs

What does a man have to do to be accepted as a true Australian?

We took a walk through the suburbs to Brisbane’s Toowong Cemetery, exploring the legacy of the 19th century champion boxer – and adopted Aussie – Peter Jackson.

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Curious, Mysterious, Marvellous, Electrical: An E-mail Newsletter

In January 2016, I start my role as Creative in Residence for the State Library of Queensland, Australia.

A man riding a goat over a high jump in Blackall, Queensland, 1905
Tiger the goat makes a record high jump – State Library of Queensland Archives

As part of this new adventure, I’ll be launching a weekly e-mail newsletter called Curious, Mysterious, Marvellous, Electrical. In it, I’ll share some of the things I find on my journey through the past, present, and future of Australia’s Sunshine State.

To join up, visit – the first newsletter will go out on Saturday, 9th January.