Creative practice, research, and syzygies with Kim Tairi at EBLIP8

Portrait of Matt Finch by Kim Tairi
Portrait by Kim Tairi

I’m featured in Swinburne University librarian Kim Tairi’s keynote for EBLIP8, the Evidence Based Library and Information Practice Conference today, talking about research practice and cultural programming. People so often think of research in terms of the sciences and quantitative data, it was good to think about it from the perspective of a creative practitioner with a humanities background.

Also, Kim sketched me from our Skype conversation above – I don’t think I’ve ever been drawn before…

The word Kim and I latched onto in our Skype discussion is “syzygy” – and before too long, I’ll be telling you why in a blog post on this site. In the meantime, you can find out more about Kim’s keynote online and also it’s worth following her on Twitter – @kimtairi.

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