Fun Palaces Online Comic Maker by State Library of Queensland

I’m really pleased to announce the launch of the online Fun Palaces Comic Maker.

A Fun Palaces comic

The Comic Maker lets you drag and drop characters inspired by Emily Medley’s original Fun Palaces illustration into a comic-book story of your own devising.

We’ve been working on this behind the scenes for a long time, ever since I pitched the idea of an online version of Comic Book Dice for Fun Palaces 2015.

Talia Yat and Phil Gullberg of the State Library of Queensland have run with this idea and developed it into an amazing online game, as part of the Queenslanders’ contribution to Fun Palaces 2015.

Comics created at the site will be curated and shared at

It’s been a huge team effort and thanks must go to: Fun Palaces’ Stella Duffy, Sarah-Jane Rawlings, Hannah Lambert, and Kirsty Lothian; Zoey Dixon of Lambeth Libraries; Daniel Flood of State Library of Queensland; our web host Simon Appleby of Bookswarm, plus Sandy Mahal who put us in touch with him; and last but not least our digital Brains Trust of Ed Bishop, Martin Feher, Barney Lockwood, and Steven Moschidis (“I’m tempted to say I will host it just to stop the funky emails!”).

Other Fun Palaces comics events include a workshop at Waterloo Library with Chris Thompson of Orbital Comics, and Amanda Lilywhite’s giant collaborative comic for Carnegie Library.

Go make a Fun Palaces comic online – and then check out the Fun Palace nearest to you!

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