Fandom & Information Literacy: Discussion with Ludi Price

Sometimes – often – the most interesting ideas comes from the margins. The status quo is best challenged from the borderlands and fringes, the shadows, anywhere that is overlooked.

In our digitalised world, new ways to create, manage, and share information are emerging all the time. The most innovative and rewarding approaches might not come from the institutions that are longest established, have the best trained staff, or the most substantial budget.

They might come from places where people are driven by passion to experiment with something new.

I recently sat down for a chat with Dr. Ludi Price, China & Inner Asia Librarian at London’s School of Oriental and African Studies, and an Honorary Visiting Fellow at City University’s School of Library & Information Science. Her research has focussed on fan information behaviour: the ways in which communities of people with a shared passion for pop culture have managed, organised, and distributed information relating to their fandom.

What can information professionals, the institutions and communities they serve, learn from the way that fans deal with the same challenges and opportunities faced by those who deal with information for a living? Ludi has some answers.

After Hours lecture at City University London

I’m speaking at City University’s “After Hours” lecture series in London next Monday, 15 October at 5pm.

The series, hosted by City’s Library and Information School, explores all aspects of information in modern society.

In my session, “Your Half-Truths Are Problematic“, I’ll be talking about our relationship to truth, facts, stories, and lies, both on- and off-line.

In 2018, who can we trust with our information, and what information can we trust?

Is there any institution we can rely on in an age beset by digital misinformation?

Are there tools we can use to fight back against those who seek to cloud the truth for their own purposes?

Join me at City University London to discuss these questions next Monday at 5pm.

Fun Palaces Countdown: Zine Making with #Citylis

As the 2015 Fun Palaces launch on Saturday 3rd October approaches, Lambeth Libraries are gearing up for their borough-wide, simultaneous 11-venue celebration of arts and sciences.

In the countdown to Lambeth Libraries’ Fun Palaces, I’ll be featuring some of the amazing activities and special guests we’ve got lined up for Londoners this weekend.

We’ve already heard about Stephann Makri’s Serendipity Tours, but Stephann isn’t the only City University staffer who’s contributing to Lambeth’s Fun Palaces this year.

There will also be a Zine Making Workshop run by City University at Clapham Library.

Ernesto Priego, lecturer and course director on the infamous #Citylis Library & Information Studies course, will be joined by student and library polymath James Atkinson, with additional online support from Queen of Zines and doctoral student of fandom Ludi Price.

They’ll be helping people at Clapham Library to make zines about any subject dear to their heart. Come along on the afternoon of Saturday 3rd October to explore the wild and wonderful meeting place of the Internet, personal obsession, scissors and glue…

Read more from Ludi, Ernesto, and me on the #Citylis Zine Workshop over at the #Citylis blog.